Early Adopters?  Yes, Please.

Early Adopters? Yes, Please.

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Just like many people's fitness journey...

When we conceived of this site, we knew that we had high ambitions.

Many of which have been met, and some of them have a bit of work still ahead!  This can probably sound a lot like aspects of anyones life where we strive to develop and create our own success! 

We're constantly working to add what we know it will take to deliver an amazing social network dedicated to fitness, and fulfill our mission:

To bring people and fitness professionals together through a community of information, products and resources which promotes physical fitness and wellness to the worlds population.

Just like fitness is a journey not a marathon, so is developing a site you are going to market to the masses. Some of the features we are currently developing in addition to the already existing ones are:

  • Workout & Mealplan Builder which Tracks and Connects the Trainer with their Unlimited Number of Clients 
  • World-class Marketplace for Trainers to promote and advertise thier Brand 
  • Wearable integration stats with our Fitness Tracker
  • Mobile applications for Android and iOS, including check-in feature
  • An amazing community of fitness enthusiasts from all disciplines, as well as trainers, businesses, researchers, doctors, and industry leaders!

Ok, that last one is NOT something we can program into the site, which is why we are making this statement:

We Need YOU!

Even though we are not finished, now is a great time to build a profile and start using the blog, forums, groups, and marketplace.  We know people who love fitness as much as we do have something to say; AND WE WANT TO HEAR IT. You will see as we go forward that new features are coming online all the time, enhancing your ability to get the most out of the site and reaching a larger audience.

All of our users can post blogs as well as any feature which gives voice to your creative content. If you are a trainer, and want to post in the marketplace, but want to kick the tires before kicking your credit card, use the contact form and ask us about our sponsorship opportunities!

Any personal Trainers or Business owners who wish to have an account can set one up NOW for FREE until the end of September. If you wish to support our vision by paying for the subscription; it is only $9.99 for unrestricted access until January 1st of 2019 and we greatly appreciate your support.     

Sign up early, sign in often and of course invite all of your friends so they too can join the community
Where People and Professionals go to NetWork Out. 

Thank you 


Aaron Wright

I'm one of the co-founders of Black Bar Fitness.
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