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After losing prized line backer commit Monty Rice to the Georgia Bulldogs, LSU Football is looking to solidify its defense by offering yet another talented commit.The Tigers proceeded to make an offer to four-star LB Ellis Brooks, just a day after Rice had flipped his commitment in favor of the Dawgs.The 6-foot-2, 223 pound Virginian has received over 20 offers thus far. As his recruiting begins to come to a close, Brooks most likely choices are expected to be Notre Dame, Oregon, Michigan and Maryland.Article continues below ...The Under Armour All-American and previous Duke commit has already taken official visits to Maryland in December. Hell be dropping in on the Oregon Ducks and the Fighting Irish later on this month as well.More from Death Valley VoiceLSU Football Jarvis Landry and Odell Beckham Jr. set reception record27m agoLSU Football Why Myles Brennan is the next LSU superstar1 d agoLSU Football Tigers lose LB commitment in Monty Rice1 d agoLSU Football gets defensive in season finale3d agoHow LSU Tigers will emerge victorious in Citrus Bowl3d agoLSU is desperate to strengthen itself at the LB position heading into 2017. With only four-star Patrick Queen committed at the spot, the Tigers will continue their attempts to flip commitments from other top prospects.LSU is continuing to carry on talks with Alabama commit Christopher Allen Kenny Wooten Jersey, Oklahoma commit Jacob Phillips and Mississippi LB Willie Gay.The team will actively work to add a duo of skilled LBs before National Signing Day arrives on the first of February.This article originally appeared on

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